Let’s embrace ourselves / Let’s refuse to settle for less / Confidant / Needed Love / Know our place / Settle for anything at all / We’re absolute individuals / Originals / One of a kinds. / If we’re really all created equal / Why are we so unique, uncommon / Utterly different in shape, size, dream, desire? / See, our shapes don’t define us. / Our stories do. / We get to choose what excites us / What we believe in / What we put on this skin is what we feel / Quiet or Riotous / Fierce or Feminine. / Can we fit in and still stand out? / Of course we can / We already do. / But fit in a Box? Shatter the Glass Ceiling / Now: Nobody. / To Each, Her Own /
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What kind of lingerie would you opt for:
Independent, confident and with a mind of her own- today’s Indian woman is our definition of feeling upright cheerful in the comfort she wearing. A total reflection of herself in any sphere, that’s the at most definition of our brand AAINA and its products.

With decades of experience, our Brand Aaina is dedicated to creating intimate wear which perfectly blends comfort, fashion, fit and thoughtful design. The brand embodies 30 years of excellence held by the conglomerate in intimate wear manufacturing.

By understanding the everyday needs of a woman, AAINA designs intimate wear tailored to her unique silhouette, style, and shape. The brand has crafted a range of intimate wear understands the modern woman; offering a wide range of fashionable lingerie wear to complement her fashion-forward lifestyle.

Impeccable fitting, unmatched comfort, and exclusive styles are just a few of the reasons why we are such a hot favorite. Our inclusively sized, exquisitely designed collections speak for us and our attempt to support each of you in flaunting your style. We compiled the definitive 5 point fitting system- all to give you the right lingerie for your right size. We don’t and neither should you, underestimate the transformation lingerie can bring to your life. The majority of our staff are women and all of them are working towards meeting the evolving needs of the modern Indian woman. Our brand is built entirely around you and enabling you to express yourself to the fullest. We’re all ears for customer feedback and keep incorporating it into new styles for the modern lingerie customer.

And so, you can be rest assured

When you choose AAINA you are choosing an experience that is crafted to help you feel CONFIDENT AND AMAZING inside out.